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Stories from Hydrogen to Plutonium

94 films inspired by the 94 elements and submited resources (movies) inspired by the mixture of elements


We're back!

It's been a while. Sorry communications have been a bit quiet over the last year - there's been lots going on with the project and also some setbacks.

The good news is that we've got a lot of fantastic new films that we'll be releasing over the next few months, starting today with Lithium by filmmakers David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg. David and Jason had a smash hit with their documentary feature The Immortalists last year, and the film they've made for the 94 Elements is a superb portrait of both bi-polar and of New York City. It's rather special - watch it here.

In the coming months we'll be bringing you Silver, Rhenium, Iridium, Radon, Carbon, and Boron with more in the pipeline so stay tuned.

The main reason for the radio silence over the last year is that the development of the new web platform has suffered delays and setbacks (it's a looong story..). The good news is that we're back on track and working on a new prototype with the good folk at Helios, although I'm still looking for funding to complete the work.

Once again, apologies for the lack of updates - it's been difficult to let you all know what's going on when I've been uncertain myself. We'll be bringing you lots of new films over the coming months and I hope you'll agree that Lithium has been worth the wait!


Support Silver!

The filmmaker Sarah George is running a Kickstarter campaign for "Dwayne's Photo', her film for silver for 94 Elements. The film tells the wonderful human story of the last roll of Kodachrome film ever developed. Sarah's put together some fantastic rewards for contributors and with your help we'd love to see this film get made.

'Dwayne's Photo' by Sarah George on Kickstarter


94 Elements at SXSW!

We're going to SXSW! If you're at the festival, come along to the 94 Elements session at 3.30pm on Monday 11 March where we'll be previewing new films and features, discussing some of the ideas behind the project as well as some other surprises...


What's a happening in 2013...

A very happy new year from the 94 Elements project! We're looking forward to a very exciting 2013 - this year we'll be bringing you fantastic new films, some great new digital features and hopefully some other surprises we're busy cooking up - stay tuned..!


Helmie Stil and osmium win at Sheffield!

The 94 Elements Live Pitch at the Sheffield DocFest was won by Dutch filmmaker Helmie Stil. We had 5 fantastic pitches from 5 great filmmakers and the audience vote couldn't have been closer - Helmie won by a single vote! Congratulations to Helmie and all the other pitchers - we want to see all 5 films made for the project!

Helmie's film will be about osmium, which is used to detect fingerprints and will be filmed in a prison in the Netherlands. A massive thanks to all our crowdfunders who contributed to make it possible for us to fund Helmie's film - you are incredible!

We have 1 week to go on the Indiegogo campaign and we would love to get to $25k so we can fund a second filmmaker to make a film (which you will vote for if you contribute!) Please help us in our final push to $25k and contribute now at http://www.indiegogo.com/94elements


Sheffield Pitch and deadline extended!


Congratulations to the 5 brilliant teams selected to pitch their films at the Sheffield DocFest Live Pitch on 16 June. Films for boron, tungsten, gold, francium and osmium will all be pitched to the live festival audience who will then vote for which gets funded. It's going to be great fun and we'd love to see you there - come along to the Sheffield Crucible Studio at 12pm on Saturday 16 June and vote for which film gets made.


The deadline for the 2nd pitch opportunity - the Indiegogo crowdfunded pitch, with the winner to be chosen by contributors to the Indiegogo campaign - has been extended to 24 June. Details on how to pitch can be found by clicking on 'Filmmakers: Pitch your films!' to the right. Get your pitch in!

We still need to raise more money for this pitch to happen and we need all your help to get there - please spread the word about the campaign and if you can contribute - every little bit helps!


Become part of the project on Indiegogo

We've launched the campaign on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo where we've put together a fantastic package of rewards for getting involved. You'll vote which films get made over the life of the project and earn exclusive rewards made uniquely for the project by some fantastic designers. Learn more on Indiegogo now!


The 94 Elements Pitches

We're very excited to announce that as part of the project launch, we’re running at least 2 (maybe more!) opportunities for filmmakers to make new films for the project, with the winners chosen by the crowd.

- The Crowdfunded Pitch. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 24 JUNE

An $8000 film commission funded and voted for by the crowd on Indiegogo. If we can exceed our funding target, we could run more than one crowdfunded pitch!


An $8000 live pitch event at the Sheffield DocFest in June, with the winner voted for by the live festival audience.

Pitch your ideas for films, we’ll shortlist the best for each opportunity, and the crowd will decide who wins the commissions. We hope these will be the first of many pitch opportunities for talented and upcoming filmmakers over the course of the project.

We’re looking for surprising, moving, funny and unique human stories involving the elements – this is not about science, but our human relationships with our natural resources - and we're keen to see all documentary styles - from animated to artist’s film, from the personal to the political, from experimental to observational.

Copper, Oxygen, Gadolinium and Germanium have been made but the remaining 90 are up for grabs. We’re looking for stories in all styles from all parts of the world involving some of the other 90 elements.

The deadline for the Indiegogo pitch has been extended to 24 June.

To pitch, we need 5 things from you:

    1. A 350 word max pitch for your film. You need to clearly set out both the story you will tell and how you will tell it, as well as the role of your chosen element in your film. Your film should be 4-7 minutes in length.

    2. A brief bio – tell us a bit about yourself. A paragraph or two is fine. We're looking for the very best filmmaking talent so ideally filmmaking should be your primary profession. Include a link to your website if you have one.

    3. A link to a previous film viewable online, minimum 5 minutes in length. This can be either a completed film or an unedited extract. No trailers or showreels. You may password protect the film if you like.

    4. A statement to say that you’re happy for your pitch and previous film to be made public if shortlisted.

    5. Please also say if you will be able to attend the Sheffield DocFest pitch on Saturday 16 June if selected.

Send your pitches to pitch@94elements.com

The very best of luck to everyone pitching - the crowd can't wait to hear what you come up with!


First films released!

We're off! We're thrilled to release the first films for the project. The BAFTA winning director Marc Isaacs has made a film about Oxygen set in London, and Sundance winner Nino Kirtadze has shot a film about Gadolinium in Tbilisi in Georgia. Project director Mike Paterson has produced two films about Copper and Germanium in India.

Oxygen, Gadolinium and Germanium were produced with support from the fantastic people at the Wellcome Trust (as was the website) and they all feature biomedical themes.

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