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Film information

The Element

  • Ag
  • Silver
  • Atomic No.47
  • Atomic Mass107.86820
  • Market Priceapprox $480/kg
Silver halides are used in photographic film and photographic paper. When a silver halide crystal is exposed to light, a sensitivity speck on the surface of the crystal is turned into a small speck of metallic silver.

Making the Film

  • LanguageEnglish
  • Running time6:20 minutes

I was an early fan of 94 ELEMENTS, but I didn’t consider participating until I was struck by the idea of telling the story of Silver thru the medium of film.

Because what other element is more closely connected to the human story than Silver? As the essential substance for capturing light on film, Silver is the foundation for most of the visual storytelling we enjoy today. But, as we transition to the digital era, we are witnessing the vanishing of film as a medium of art and expression.

When I made my feature documentary CATCHING OUT, I thought it would be my last chance to shoot film. So I was thrilled to have another opportunity to embrace its analog awesomeness. Every step of the way – from picking up the raw stock at Kodak to that first breathtaking moment of seeing the footage during the transfer to video – was a total joy.

Making the film was not without hurdles. We originally intended to frame the story around the last roll of Kodachrome that Dwayne himself shot, but those images have been lost to the sands of time (or a forgotten vault at the lab). Instead, we made a much more personal film.

Of course, I’m incredibly grateful to Dwayne and his wife Betty for welcoming me, and my crew, into their home and sharing their memories with us. I feel very lucky to have spent some time with them.

The Filmmaker

Sarah George didn’t intend to become a filmmaker, but she has always rebelled against mainstream media narratives. While still in high school, she felt provoked to travel to the Soviet Union when President Reagan called the nation an ‘evil empire.’ In college, she spent a year living and working in Tanzania. Upon her return, she realized that if you want to change something, you first have to change the story. After graduating from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service she started working in film production as an intern on the Warner Bros. feature DISCLOSURE. She’s never looked back.

Sarah made her directorial debut with CATCHING OUT, a documentary that follows several contemporary hobos who dissent against American consumer culture by traveling for free on freight trains. Her short documentary, PAULINE AND IRJA, profiles two octogenarian activists who take to the streets to promote peace in the wake of 9/11. The film evolved out of a collaborative project called WAR&PEACE and was later commissioned by Al Jazeera International for their Witness strand. An advocate of digital disruption, Sarah has worked as a media consultant for Ushahidi and FrontlineSMS, two exciting non-profit tech companies. She’s also a dedicated fan of analog awesomeness. She will forever love film.